Do you want to experience the same freedom Amy finds?

The Deliverance Lifestyle will enable you to begin a lifestyle of deliverance. We explore the themes of Imitating Christ, Reading His Word, Forgiveness and Pursuing Love to find freedom today and live free in our tomorrows. This small group study breaks down and expands the deliverance of our character Amy Stronghold, in the feature film The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold, using Biblical references, to teach how to walk out of bondage and into freedom. 

April Himes is one of the producers of The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold. She is passionate about helping God’s children walk free, with abundant hope for their lives. April is also a homeschool mama, and teacher of God’s Word. She and her husband, Seth, have four beautiful daughters, and are running their business, Highwater Entertainment, as a family.

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